Quality physical therapy care across federal medical facilities

The APTA Federal (APTA Federal) promotes quality health care across the continuum of care within Federal medical services. The Section provides opportunities for networking, continuing education, leadership, and professional development for all physical therapists and physical therapist assistants who are or have been employed by the federal government in civil service, as members of the uniformed services, as contractors or as tribal hires, and who practice in a variety of settings including clinical, education, and research.


The purpose of the Section shall be:

To provide a means by which Association members, employed by the Federal government and who work in the United States military, Department of Veterans Affairs, Public Health Service, and other federal agencies can communicate, provide education, and develop a shared vision for physical therapy across all federal healthcare systems.

To promote quality health care across the continuum of care for those served by therapists that practice physical therapy in the Federal government.

Strategic Plan: Download the 2022-2023 Strategic Plan